309Write - Why You Should Not Get Addicted To Anything

When you start taking something to such an extent that you can't help but take it next time, then you're addicted to it. Addiction can be of any type, it can be of a person or a friend, girlfriend, Drug, alcohol, food or whatever. Often, a habit becomes addictive. Dependency can be of two kinds. . .

A good one and the bad

The right dependency is for things that are acceptable in society like money, sport, love, social service etc.
The wrong dependency includes dependence on wine, drugs, crime, piracy, etc.

I believe that the dependency on money and power is the strongest addition. Once you are hooked on money then you will not see day or night, heat or cold, friend or enemy in the matter of wealth. All you can think of is money and money. Perhaps that's dangerous too. Because in addiction, you are not able to distinguish between good and bad and you can cross the limits. As a consequence, your life may be ruined after taking a wrong path. Trying to create the sky can become an effort to create hell for you. 
Never forget that there are still three needs of a man, but infinite desires.

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